Need advice with satin finish on maple fretboard.


I have an all-maple Warmoth neck with the satin finish. I purchsed the neck new and I had to scrape/remove the finish of the frets. I accidentally put scuff marks/lines on the fretboard in the process with a fret polishing cloth. The marks are faint lines that only appear under certain light angles. None of the marks appear to be completely through the finish. Is there a way to lightly buff out these marks safely without damging the fretboard further?
It may be possible to carefully buff them out with some fine compound.

But as none of us can see it there is no certainty that it will not become shinier or whether you may make it worse.
The satin finish is nitro. It will polish up from satin to sort of a semi gloss over time.

Being nitro, you could probably use a solvent to soften/smooth it out, but I am far from an expert.

I screwed up a brand new gloss maple neck while fully setting the ss frets that didn't come fully seated.

Don't use a 2x4! Lol. It is too soft and dents easily.

I put a bunch of dents in my brand new neck! I did the crazy glue drop/fill trick and lightly sanded smooth.

It's been 12 or 13 years now and my fingers have given the matte board a nice smooth look. I can't even see the repairs unless I really look.