Neck upgrade for my Squier Strat



I’m looking for a neck upgrade for my Squier Strat I bought as the Squier Stratpack combo, so, as you can imagine it is a cheap guitar, but I like it; as a beginner it’s ok for me.

I’ve loaded it with two Seymour Duncan single-coil-sized hot-rails humbuckers, and I think the next step is upgrading the neck. I’d like an American Standard Strat neck, but, that’s what I think.

I’ve been looking around Warmoth site and I have so many misgivings, for example: the nut width, the back contour, the fingerboard radius. I’ve already read the definitions of those terms, but still haven’t clear what I need/want. All I can tell you is that a friend of mine has an american standard strat and it feels great, so comfortable, fast and sounds amazing. That’s why I tell you I guess that’s the neck for me.
My biggest misgiving is about the dimensions of the junction box (the neck pocket).

I’d like a maple or flame-maple neck, fingerboard and veneer.

I appreciate your advices on this
Best regards
Fernando, from Mexico

Don't know if worthwhile this change in this guitar. Perhaps is better save more money and buy a body and neck together.... Usually this guitar don't have good woods in the body... (Then, pick out the Hot Rails and sold it "original"...)

About the neck joint, Warmoth crew can answer much better! :icon_biggrin:
I guess you're right dude,
I'll check my budget.
However, do you think the dimensions in both my-cheap-squier and an american std are the same?
Bridge spacing is different, holes on Squier bridge do NOT line up with Fender American or Warmoth bodies, I would also concur with NoNonsense Tele on putting such a nice neck on a Squire Strat. Which version Squier do you have, made in China or Indonesia? Tuners might not be reusable deoendant upon model, but the tuners that come on Squiers are throwaways and you'd be better off with the Gotoh SG38 or Kluson types you can order from Warmoth for under US$30.
I concur also with NonsenseTele and jackthe hack,
consider this your first guitar, enjoy it for what it is, stay arround here and learn some things and start saving for your 2nd guitar and first purebread warmoth,
Thanks everybody for helping me to save my money.
I'll be around.

Very best regards from Monterrey México
Keep on rockin'  :headbang:
I'll take the contrary view.  Why not change it?  Try something you think you might like, but might not otherwise get a chance to play.  Stainless frets, SRV contour, compound radius, etc. etc.  How are you going to know what you like if you don't play it for a while?  If you decide you don't like your guitar body, you'll still have the neck you can use on another guitar later.  I say go for it. 
Yeah, the neck would probably feel better and you could always use it in a future build. Personally I'd just put together a whole guitar, but I have to eat my words since I've been buying parts and using them on various guitars before I've even started my build.
I'd agree with these guys, get yourself a body thrown in as well as a new neck. Check out the close out deals, you could get a poplar strat body for $119 that will be way better than you squier one, then just change your seymour duncans onto it and restore the squier pickups to the squier.

You'll have a guitar that will probably be as good as if not better than your friends strat, seriously.

Good luck.