Neck thickness..



Hi, i've been looking for a neck to go with the body i've recently ordered, and i've heard that the thickness affects sustain.  Is this true that a thicker neck will give more sustain?, because i'm getting a floyd on this guitar, and i'd like to save some sustain if possible.  Thanks.
I've heard that alot, but I think its not as big of a deal as people say, I have a standard thin contour neck maple on maple with a floyd and it sustain is plentiful. I say go with what your hand likes.
I agree with stratplayer, just pick whatever's most playable for you.

I think it will sustain fine (I've never heard anyone complain of a "dead" Warmoth) but if you want to improve sustain, don't sacrifice playability first!  Maybe use a really stiff neck wood like wenge, or use a compressor.
I've built 7 Warmoths, all with the standard thin neck, woods ranging from maple to wenge.  4 of the 7 have Floyds.  Sustain is not an issue with any of them.
Definitely get the neck that is the most playable for you. For me, it's a bit thicker one (SRV or 59), and my solid LP with 59 roundback has the most sustain of any guitar I've owned. But playability is lots more important.
Somebody posted on another thread, if you want more sustain, raise your action a hair and use a compressor. Nice advice I thought.