neck question.


hi! im starting a design of a guitar that hopefully i should have enough money for the parts around christmas of this year. i have a question on the neck.

i can get a 9.5" fretboard radius, a 1.650" nut width, and a 25.5" scale. a tele neck exactly. but i have a question on the back contour. how do i get the modern c shape? im building a guitar becuase i want a double cut tele, with a custom tele neck, with a different headstock and block inlays. so anyone? thanks.
You can get a Vintage Modern or Warmoth Pro neck in a 9.5" radius for a $35 upcharge, you'll have to custom order. Fatback or '59 Roundback are close to "Modern C" shape; '59 Roundback a little thinner and asymmetical. What do you want for "different headstock"?