Neck pocket question

Simon D

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Received my parts this morning (see here - ) Put neck and body together to check the fit, and noticed the fingerboard is quite a lot higher then the top of the carved top. I understand this is normal, but I was just wondering if there's any way to adjust the neck pocket so that the overhang of the fingerboard sits closer to the body? (The build is a Warmoth Soloist carved top with Warmoth neck)
I'm assuming it would mean 'shaving' some wood out of the floor of the neck pocket itself, in order to lower it. Is this an advisable plan, or should I simply learn to live with it? I'm delighted with everything else about the guitar, and I really don't want to screw it up.
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DON'T start shaving wood hastily!!! Hard to tell from the pic in the other post, how much "gap" is there? Did you pull the paper label and make sure that you got the neck COMPLETELY seated in the pocket?
The gap looks to be about 5 millimetres/0.19685 inches (Sorry for the metric, I'm a Brit  :icon_scratch:), with the neck seated very firmly in the pocket. I'm definitely not being hasty about this - staying away from the workbench until I have all the information possible!
Do you have the contoured heel joint on the body?  If so it would be inadvisable to take any wood out of the neck pocket.
I haven't done a VIP yet, but in general and looking at pictures in the galleries of other VIP builds a gap of 5 mm sounds like something's amiss...

Funny how you brits develope the english measurement system based on the kings foot or whatever, then drop us off on this big island (USA) then go home and adopt metric, Traitor :laughing7:

That's an awesme looking body and neck

My thought is, if it bolts together and plays well, dont mess with it
I think you should bolt it all together, string it up and check string height. If the string height at is okay, I'd leave it alone.
Put it together this morning and put the neck screw in enought to hold the neck in place and measured.
The gap between the bottom of the fingerboard and the top of the body is just a tiny bit more than 1/8".
I think I'll probably leave it alone, as the heel is contoured and I plan on not using a neckplate, but having the screws countersunk Ibanez style (which I am NOT doing myself, but leaving to a pro).
all of mw warmoth fretboard to body gaps are gapped similar to yours, but when the pick guard is installed that gap goes away.  so since you dont have a pickguard, maybe thats why.

but then you would think with a rear routed body, not intended for a pickguard, the neck pocket would be that much deeper.

maybe they used a front route program or template by mistake on yours
I got the same shock with my rear-routed strat body, which was also routed for a recessed Floyd. None of my other guitars' fretboards sat that high above the body, so I thought there was no way the strings were gonna sit up off the frets. But when everything was assembled, it was perfect :)
Thanks for the replies guys. I after careful consideration, I think I'll be leaving the neck pocket as it is. Messing could create more problems than it solves, and given that the problem isn't that noticeable anyway, it's best left alone.