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Hey, did the engraved neck plates that say "Warmoth", or a big "W", or the turtle ever come to be? Would love to have one...
...and perhaps a random number generated on them would be cool too.. maybe.

Not yet.  We've got plenty of irons in the fire and I'm totally with you on the random serial number!

This topic should be in the Suggestion Box category. I like the idea too! In fact, we've had some mock up of them for awhile so it just may come to be!
Blue313 said:
line6man said:
What's wrong with Doug's plates?
Yep, they rock.

If your axe ain't wearin' neck ware by Dangerous... It ain't spit  :icon_thumright:

Doug puts out some great work.
deepblue said:
dudesweet157 said:
Check out the date stamp.  This thread originated back in 2007.

It just goes to show that I read all posts old and new.   :toothy10:

But doesn't the forum warn you when a thread hasn't had any replies in over 120 days?
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It do..  :icon_thumright:
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