Neck inlay options... some conflicting answers


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Let me quote the Warmoth Web Site

Custom inlay is available in 25-1/2" and 24-3/4" scale Warmoth Pro and Vintage Modern guitar necks. These patterns are available in synthetic pearl, jet black Corian or bone colored Corian for the Skull & Cross Bones only. The inlay color will contrast with the fingerboard unless you specifically request otherwise.

We do not offer totally custom 'design it yourself' type inlay services. To maintain affordability, we stick to the designs in the following pictures. Yes, we can mix some of the inlay patterns and we can omit some positions… for example, we can do the Skull & Cross Bones at the 12th fret only or double a diamond at the 12th, etc.

Custom Inlay - $90

However, when I called, I was told they couldn't do "just diamonds at fret 12".

Has anyone asked for this?  Is it available ... do I need to re-ask for it?  Who's gotten that sort of thing? 

Personally, I like the look of no inlay, just a 12th fret marker (or markers, aka diamonds>.

And while we're at it, do some split parallelograms.  And... how about the Yamaha and Johnny-A type inlay too?  Woohoo.
I'm sorry, it sounds like you got some bad info.  There are so many options and things to watch out for, sometimes we can't keep it all in RAM.  Yes, we can do the double diamonds at the 12th fret only.
Give Warmoth a call and ask for Bob.  I'll get you set up with what you want, no problem.
what if you just wanted the normal double circles at the 12th. would that cost extra since its not really a custom inlay?
When we drill for face dots, we use a gang saw and all the holes are drilled at the same time. If you want to leave one or more out, then it all becomes hand work and is subject to the $90 custom inlay charge to cover the extra labor.
I want a Warmoth neck with custom inlays (a name) on the fretboard.  Do you guys know if Warmoth will let me purchase a fretboard for the inlay job and ship it back to Warmoth for finally neck assembly, or maybe purchase a neck unfretted, then shipped back to Warmoth to be fretted after the inlay job?  I want Warmoth to do the fret job, the neck I have from Warmoth is awesome.  I would think the first option is feasible, but I haven't contacted Warmoth to find out.

I've seem several builds where people custom order a neck WITHOUT inlay and have somebody else do inlay work see this one:

Don't think it works the other way...
I know Warmoth only has the standard inlay options to pick from, but nothing beyond that.  I have a Warmoth neck that has no inlays on the ebony fretboard now, I don't really care for dots, stars, trapezoids and such.  The only thing is that I like the compound radius neck and when you get a Warmoth neck, its ready to go with no setup to the frets... (at least this is my experience).  I'm sure whoever does the inlay work can fret the guitar neck, but I don't think they can as well as Warmoth.  I know you can have a fretboard custom inlayed before you build the neck, so this is why I asked the question.  This would be disappointing if you couldn't get a custom inlay fretboard using a neck that Warmoth completely built IMHO.
Sorry, there's no way to send the neck out for inlay work and then send it back to Warmoth for fretting and/or finishing.  You can always get a necks worth of fretwire on the side and have your luthier do the fretwork.
Thanks guys for the help, I pretty much new this up front.  Thats why I suggested in just the fingerboard, and not the entire neck.  I have worked in a mass productions business for over 20 years and this is not a impossible feat.  I would bet that Warmoth has a stockpile of premade fingerboards for each neck to keep up with customer builds.  You could have a fingerboard sent to be inlayed prior to the build of a neck.  I realize that Warmoth will not guarantee the inlayed fingerboard when they fret it for obvious reasons, but if I will be forking out $500 for a body and $500 for a neck and some extra $$$ for the trouble...  I think I will just give up the chase and just do the inlay work myself.