Neck Heavy SG


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SGs are notoriously neck heavy.  Will a heavy body counteract this neck heaviness?  Or is it the angles and proportions of the body that cause the neck heaviness in the first place?  Thanks for the info!

Both of those things are true. The 1 3/4" body construction would help too, over the normal 1 1/2"
??? Only SGs I've owned were a late 60's SG Special and SG Jr. and a 72 SG custom, never noticed them being "neck-heavy".... Throw a Bigsby on it like an early 70's custom, that would even it out...
I played an SG recently at GC and really liked it sitting down, but I H8 neck heavy guitars.  Any way to make a 'moth one not neck heavy? is basically my question?
Use lighter weight tuning machines and get a heavier body than usual.
Keep in mind that in the showcase, they post the weight of every guitar body. You can just pick a heavy body.
Get the body made from walnut. That will balance fine and sound unbelievable........... :party07:
jackthehack said:
That's your answer to everything... You sell tall left shoes for a day job?

Does oodles of stock in "ACME Mismatched Footwear" get me busted?

Seriously.... nobody has a clue here on things SG.

1 - the SG has a thin mahogany neck, 24.75 scale
2 - the SG has a LIGHT 1-5/8 thick body that is relatively small, and has a decent amount of wood removed for control route and pickup routes

The W SG has an 1.75inch body - similar routes, but its a heavier body.  However, the neck is also a tad longer.

What this all boils down to is what wood are you using.  That is going to determine the balance of the whole affair.  The SG is NOT neck heavy so much as players are used to an ass heavy guitar.  Knowing that, though, the reason the L6s has a snakehead headstock is to remove a few ounces of wood weight from it, helping with the balance of things.

I dont think a 1.75 inch thick W SG will have any balance issues.  The 1.675 thickness option MAY if you use a really light body and really heavy thick neck.
I have a Gibson SG standard and it just doesn't have this problem...guess I got lucky.  My solution to this problem, however is simple...keep one hand on the neck at all times!!!  :laughing7:

Oh, yeah, and don't ever play with a rooster perched on the headstock!