Neck Fastening


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Hey Fellas, not sure if this was neck and/or body question so I though I would post it here. Do the neck screws have to bite into the wood on the body as they go in for better mounting or is it fine to just secure them firmly into the neck only? I was having issues where I was taking the neck off and on at the beginning and the neck body holes got enlarged to the point where the srcew slides right in.
If the holes in the the body are absolutely properly placed, and the holes in the neck are absolutely properly placed, then, ideally the screws would "just" make it through the holes in the body.  In practice the body holes are just a bit bigger than "barely fitting" so there is some tiny bit of compensation that can be done to accommodate the stacking of tolerances in body and neck construction.
I've been working with furniture-making/carpenter for 15 yrs (not anymore  :icon_biggrin: )

It's very important that the 'first' holes are a bit to big, and the screws bite really good in the 'second' holes, in this case, the neck. If the first holes (body) are to tight, it might be a problem getting a good fit, and the neck might move, and that's a big problem..

(sorry for bad english - I guess you don't read Norwegian :) )
We can read norwegian just fine, no problem, what kind of people do you think we are?

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