Neck Decision Help


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I bought a wide neck Gecko 5 body, and provided I can hang onto it I have some options.

Right now I have a jazz bass with a 51 style P and a MM pup in it. Really good for most rock stuff and funk, but it leaves a little something to be desired in the funk area...a certain quality I just can't seem to get.
So, my plans were to make get this wide 5, throw in some nordstrands and a John East pre, and get that tone I have been after.
But now, I just started playing with a kind of folky band, and most of the songs are just begging for a fretless bass.

So I am thinking about getting a fretless neck for Gecko. Here is my thing tho - I have never owned a fretless before and I find when I play my friends, my fingers get tired after a while - no way I could play a full show with one at this point without my intonation going to hell due to fatigue.
On top of that, I am going from a jazz bass to a wide neck Gecko 5 - there is about an extra inch on that neck, so I will have stress there as well.
Do you think this is going to be too much stress and will be quite unmanageable to get used to for a long time, or should I be able to adapt quickly enough?
Also, 5 string fretless? Never played one before and not sure if I would use that extra 5. If I was playing with the funk band with it then it would get its occasional use, but I probably won't be using the fretless with them so I just don't know.

My other option is to get a fretless neck for my current bass and get fretted Gecko. But then I am not sure if I am going to love the really wide neck, it is kind of a gamble for me as I have never played one that wide before, and I don't want to have to rely on it being my only fretted bass.
Also, I am not sure if my current bass will have the right sound for a fretless, but a wenge/pau ferro neck would really change that so I don't know.
Then I would sell my old neck and potentially take the $300 loss on it not selling which would suck.

Basically no matter what I do (unless I just get fretted Gecko and stay witht hout a fretless) I am taking a gamble. If you were in my position what would you do?