neck compatibility


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With the exception of Tele necks, Warmoth necks are all interchangeable right?  So I could put a Warmoth LP neck on a Warmoth Strat body?  Will either scale length work?  And the same is true of LP bodies and strat necks, etc?

Finally, I know Strat necks are "slightly" incompatible with Tele bodies, but how well does the 22-fret extension cover the gap?  Anyone got a picture?

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if you have a 24.75'' LP neck of warmoth, that will fit a strat, pocket-wise, and with the scalelength, no problem. afterall, its designed to fit a strat!

a stratneck, 22 frets, on a telebody is no problem, because the overhang will totaly fill up the gap. if you have a pickguard, that will absolutely cover it up.