naptha after staining


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I applied some stain to a project a while back and I've let the project set for a while.  Would it hurt anything to apply naptha to it before I continue with the finishing process?
Well, it depends...  Generally it is not a prob.  If it was water based, definitely no prob.  Alcohol based, most likely no prob.  Oil based, ehhh, not so sure.  I suppose I shouldn't have to point out the trend there, but as you go from water based towards oil based there is a larger chance of trouble.  I wiped my Alcohol based dye job off with naptha and had no problems.  But, I am not so sure with stain, it depends on the stain...

the stain was made with Behkol and stew mac color tone concentrated liquid stain.  I stained it last fall.  I wasn't sure if I liked how it turned out so it sat for a while and I've been getting opinions.  I think I'm going to go with it but it's been handeled quite a bit, so I wanted to know the best way to continue.
I use naptha on oil based problem.  Just wipe it not SOAK it.
For this naptha thing, do you just wet a cloth with it and wipe it down?

Haha, still amazed its lighter fluid.
yep...dump a little on the cloth...I always buy NAPTHA>>>>I never substitute lighter fluid.  I am not sure if it is the same...not worth the risk.