My Proposed First Build - Take Two


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I've been rethinking and here's what I've come up with.  I am focusing on classic styling, simplicity (with at least one exotic wood), and versatility.

  • Alder Strat body, quality flame maple top, and tobacco bust finish (I.E.,
  • Vintage Modern canary/ebony neck /w pearl inlays and 6105 frets (hmm... unfinished or gloss nitro finish?)
  • Vintage Tremolo (probably Callaham)
  • White pearl pickgaurd, nickel/chrome hardware, and white pickups/knobs
  • Lace Hot Gold pickups (dually neck, middle, and dually bridge).
  • 5 way switch /w standard Strat wiring
  • Push-pull pot on first tone control will shut bridge to single coil when pulled
  • Push-pull pot on second tone control will de-shunt neck to humbucking when pulled

I take it you like feel of it raw?  :)  The idea appeals to me, and I really do want to try it.  I'm just not sure what I'll think considering I've always played on gloss nitro.  Of course, (like I've said before) I have played satin nitro necks that I've liked a lot.
If you start down the satin/oil/bare road, you can't go back. My initiation was my sanded SG copy bolt-on neck and then Wishbass JB. Too bad I spent so much on the Carvin TL in between. Darn the unlearned part of me!