My new toy


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Sorry, but I could not help showing off my new 1959 Gibson ES350T.  I did throw in the new burst since this is about Warmoth guitars.  I threw the Les Paul in for balance. Ok, I know I'm sick but we all are.

there is this little part of me that REALLY wants a 335 or a 175 or something like that.....

if I ignore it, it will probably go away  :laughing7:

Great stuff as always Greg...
nice to see  pics of that strat finished it looks classy. you did a super nice job on the finish. it turned out beautifull.
Nice Guitars

I,ve been wanting a archtop for a while. I need to time it with picking the right horse!!!!!!!!!
Oh man, that LP looks killer. I love zebra humbuckers and the top looks cool.
The Les Paul is real sweet.  The picture is really not doing the top justice.  It is really nice. The pick-ups are Duncan "59's" with push-pull pots on the tone pots which tap the coils for a single coil sound.  I am thinking changing it out with a set of high end repoduction '59" PAF's that I have and puting some vintage pots and bumblebee caps in it.

By the way speaking of reproduction parts, be very careful of vintage parts coming up on e-bay.  There is some exceptional reproduction stuff out there, I have had my hands on some of it.  I would never buy a vintage piece unless I could document it's orgin.