My lefty Moderne



22 scalloped frets on a 24 fret neck
100% 5A quilted maple
hot seymour duncan Distortion Trembuckers
black schaller hardware
NO pots
Schaller FR
Recessed Floyd Rose route for yanking WAAAAAY back
lam top on quilted body (check it out. . . the quilting wraps around from top to the sides)
feather weight
righty rose
sustains FOREVER 




it came about like all of my guitars. out of the days before the internet, lefties were only given a sliver of the market , and you were stuck with whatever was available. alot of the stuff was rubbish. the cheapest models,or they played like crap, or the models were ALL wrong,  or you had to custom order -sight unseen,etc...

my friends were bringing home all these great guitars, whilst i could only dream . and dream i did.

kiss and billy gibbons and rick neilsen of cheap trick blew the door wide open , seeing what they were doing with customizing guitars.

then my friend had built a warmoth / paul stroh custom strat. and he hooked me up with these 2 local guy's. i took a tour of Warmoth's old shop and they blew me away with all these custom - built guitar building machines built by "Grampa Warmoth" who built the beginnings of what we are all enjoying right now. And son's Ken and  Paul have been EXCELLENT stewards of what they were given.


i saw my friends moderne when it was brand new in 84' ish , and dreamed of having one ever since.
in 1997, i had some money to play with and started asking lots of questions of my friends about building the moderne.

i wanted it hot-rodded to the max.
a bass player friend suggested no pots... brilliant idea, so i thought.
a co-worker suggested the black and yellow "Bee" theme.
and ken warmoth ,himself, suggested the quilted body and quilted neck ,as i just ordered plain maple w/ lam top.
mike lull suggested the rear route placement.

so it pays to listen to other people suggestions.

sorry for the long short story , or is it  short long story ? cheers  :eek:ccasion14:


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That is seriously a crazy body shape

I am not sure if I would get it myself  :laughing7: , but since it IS lefty I'd sure as hell play it

it's VERRRRY interesting, because sometimes I daydream 'bout what it'd be like to have a funny shape guitar all V-like an' whatnot

PROPS to you, mr.lefty


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They put it on the list of "we can make this" and I'll buy one, and the neck too.


Guest think that design was made in the 1950's by Gibson! (A conservative time and by a conservative company).

I've seen the reissues, but I have never seen a genuine first issue 1957/58 Gibson Moderne  -  there's even conjecture it didn't make it past the design stage & that no guitar exists.

Great quilting on that Moderne Kreig. Glad you listened to suggestions.