My Latest Warmoth


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well this is it, My 3rd try ( 3rd try to post pics )
Figured maple over mahogany body
Birdeye neck  rosewood fingerboard
floyd Rose
David Gilmore EMG active tone controll pickups- yes theres a 9 volt battery stuffed in behind the pots.
This sweetheart plays as smooth as it looks, and sounds great,
I mistakenly had the Floyd recess routed so I had to add trem stop in the spring cavity- I made it myself and it works great 


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That's a sweet chunk of mahogany back there. If it weren't for that quilt, I'd wish I'd ordered without a lam top!
Yeah!!!!  another Super Custom, Super Strat...........Mahogany, and that birds eye is great, man there seems to be some really great birdseye coming outta Warmoth lately, I love rosewoods, my favorite, this is a killer combo of woods, and I love the Laminate top, it really sets it off................Hows she sound??...............I bet Smokin is a good word............... :kewlpics:
Very nice. That's a pretty unique build I think.

I played a strat with those Gilmour pickups and it was really cool.