My latest project in process


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Here's a glimpse of my latest on going project. This one is a little more comprehensive then the others I put together. I have always wanted to do a Fenderbird, but wasn't really taken with Warmoth's offering on this body style. I picked this up as a blank from the Showcase, and had them rout for EMG 35's and a 201 bridge. I first started with a standard Tbird outline, but what you see now is what has evolved from time on the sanders. Body is mahogany, and will ultimatly be painted black with cream binding. I will post more as I go along.

NonsenseTele said:
What was the problem on the body Warmoth makes?

Looks cool! Hope it gets nice!

Thanks, I hope so too. I think the W T-bird is fashioned like a Fender, probably due mostly to their manufacturing process. Most T-birds have their neck set a little further in the body, whether they are glued or bolted. If you take a look at either an Epi or Gibson T-bird, you can see how much more the neck is set into the body, as opposed to the W offering. My rendering actually has the neck set even further, just based on how I had to make cuts to account for the back electronic cavity that was routed in the blank. The W T-bird is a nice body, but not quite as accurate as I wanted, so I am gonna' give this try.