My Koa Soloist (w/pic finally)


Flame Koa top, Basswood body, Rosewood neck w/SS frets, Ping Floyd, Stew Mac Golden Age Overwound pickup, Tru Oil finish on the body, nothing on the neck. Its just a variation of the Shur Beach model.
Right click on the picture(s) themselves, click on properties then copy the internet address it gives. Once you put that in your message text, highlight it and hit the "insert image" button above your message text box (2nd row, 3rd one over). 
Aw man, I was really pumped to see the first soloist on the new forum.  :icon_tongue:
I cannot understand 100% the last thing to do... but I like Koa so much, should be a very sexy guitar!
The anticipation of seeing this soloist is really building now isn't it?.... :blob7:
my kind of axe nice body cool flame  lets see the whole guit  put up a wider shot  for us if you can thanks kayle
That is a cool looking guitar, but it's a bit strange to me only having 22 frets with that body style.
It does look a little strange with 22 frets. I dig it though, it almost plays itself.

I can't seem to get any bigger pics to show up because of size constraints.