My first Warmoth Project completed


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I completed this just this past Saturday.  It is all Warmoth parts:
Swamp Ash body with Quilt Maple top
Dyed back then With burstover on top of Transparent Mary Kay white.
White Pearloid pickguard
5 way switching
Copper shielded cavities
Black Pearloid volume and tone controls
Rio Grande pickups - Tall Boy on Neck, Half Breed Middle, Muy Grande Bridge
American Standard Fender Temolo
Birds eye maple neck with Kingwood fret board
Stainless Steel 6105 frets
Planet Waves Tuners
Beefy Slinky wires - 11,15, 22, 30, 42, 54

I plugged this into my Peavey Valve king 1122 and was blown away by the tone.  I used a Greasebucket wiring plan which rolls off the trebel without making it muddy or losing volume.
I have the bridge and Neck wired to the tone pots and the middle direct.

Total project cost about $1400.

I"ll never buy a manufactured guitar again - unless it is a collectors piece.


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I love the combo of that pickguard and the maple top. :headbang:  What do the think of the standard American bridge?
my gosh i love that finish. reminds me of snow the way that the quilt pops through  :icon_thumright: good job!
Oh sick finish mate! that'd blow the panties off any unexacting and unprepared floozy ... whatever that means!!!  :cool01:
>JR< said:
Oh sick finish mate! that'd blow the panties off any unexacting and unprepared floozy ... whatever that means!!!  :cool01:

It means "bewdy, bonza, bottla, pearler!!".........and you need help mate :toothy10: :laughing7: :toothy10:
Thanks for all the compliments.  I put a slide show together on the following link:

some more information:

The guitar was designed to look like storm clouds - the neck plate on the back was engraved to commemorate my 25th wedding anniversary and I called the guitar Stormy - both to reflect the look but also to reflect any marriage that lasts 25 years - there are lots of storms that need to be weathered. 

The neck is a Clapton Contour - I just love it - much easier to hang on to than my standard C contour on my Tele.  The pickups are Rio Grande and I purchased Pearloid pickup covers for them on ebay.  the help to blend them into the pickguard.  If you want to know more just ask.
I just checked it on 2 different computers - a MAC and a PC and it worked fine.  You may have to cut and paste it into the address bar of your browser
That is sweet!! Love the blue valuer case. My wife wanted to know if that was a gift for your 25th or if you gave it to yourself. I told her to a man buying it and giving us permission to do it is really the same thing  :eek:ccasion14:
It was kind of both at the same time.  She was going to spend $400 on a Apple Iphone.  I told her a few weeks earlier I was considering building the guitar.  When she got me the Iphone I said you know honey- this is cool but it is just a gadget that I will have to replace in 3 years if I don't loose it first.  How about getting me something that will last a life time and I can had down to my grandkids as an heirloom.  She said like what - I said how about buying me the body for the guitar I want to build.  I will engrave the back plate - she said sure.  So I guess it is a gift I was going to buy anyway.  This just gives it a nice story to go along with its name.  Next up is a Hybrid Tele with Dirty Harry P-90's - I am going to have it made of Mahogany so it may end us sounding like a very nice twangy Les Paul when it is done.
Woah!!! I LOVE this. One of the nicest finishes I've seen.

I love my Peavey Valveking as well, they rule don';t they?

Man seriously, I can't stop looking at your guitar. What was the dye product used? Got any work in progress pics to show the progression? Fancy selling it to me?  :icon_smile:
Sorry not for sale.  I did not do the finishing - my boyz at Warmoth took care of those details.  I just told them what I wanted and they took care of the rest - came out great.  There are more pics - back front next headstock on the link a few entries back for those who want to see more.
To the best of my knowledge, no person on this board has ever replied in the negative when asked "More pics?"
Huh?  :sad: I do not think I responded negatively to any request for more pictures.  I went to the trouble of putting a slide show together with a link on it for whoever wants to see more detail.  I have no idea what you are talking about dude.