My favorite finish day


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My favorite day in the finish process is when I get to pull it off the stick and rub it out.  Sorry guys it’s just another Blackguard.  I still love they way these things butterscotch up after a few months.  The one on the left is in the Tele tread with the Super Reverb.  Look how much the color has changed in this short time. I think the best way to get that Vintage Tele look is to do it the old way and let the sun have at the finish.

Here is the schedule.  I deviate from this as I go depending on weather and how well the grain fills.  I have also recently switched to Dunn-Edwards pure color in oil Titanium White to make my white shading because it is a finer grind.  It shades the guitar whiter than the under coater.  But on the guitars you are looking at I stayed pretty close to this.
1. Jasco Paste filler.
2. 2 to 5 days light sand and 1 coat of lacquer wash.
3. Over night dry and fill one more time.
4. 2 days later light sand and 2 coats of lacquer.
5. Over night dry and level sand. If there are some huge dimples I’ll shoot 2 more coats and level sand the next day.
6. The pickle coat is 2 tablespoons of Dunn-Edwards 22-1 oil base undercoat to 1 Dixie cup of lacquer thinner, one Dixie cup of 50% lacquer thinner and 50% retarder and one Dixie cup of gloss lacquer.  On the guitar you are looking at I used Val Spar lacquer.  Turn your fluid down low and your air up high so it atomizes real good.  Spray with the gun about 8” to 12” away from the surface and don’t do full wet coats.   You might have to do three coats to get the desired opacity.
7. Let it set over night and then give it a couple of dry coats of the clear.  Let that dry for 2 hours and then hit it with 4 full wet coats.  
8. Level sand it the next day with Norton 320 Champagne sandpaper and then hit it with 4 more full wet coats.
9. Let it set 2 weeks then wet sand and rub out.

If you click on my user name and then in the profile info box click on Show Posts you will be able to scroll through and find many pictures of the process.  
Note that the Valspar lacquer is about the only flavor without any UV protectorant that will age/yellow nicely. See this Tonar post:

Comes in 1/5 gallon cans only and has to be sprayed with a compressor/gun
You can get Production Grade Nitro Lacquers from Simpson, Mac Lac and probably other paint suppliers.  Just make sure it is Production grade,  not water white or pre-catalyzed.  .
Where can the Jasco paste filler (or something similar) be gotten inexpensively? I'm trying to get most things off ReRanch, to keep costs down (I'm broke right now, just spent all of my money on the body and neck. 15 years old makes few job opportunities)

Does it come in different colors?