My dream strat, what do you all think?


I plan on having this made by Warmoth,

Neck through strat
  5pc neck through (Wenge and Bubinga)
  Ziricote fretboard
  Wenge body
  22 fret (stainless steel) 6105
  Grover self-locking tuners, or sperzel locking
  Kinman pickups w / K9 switching
  Bound neck (white)
  Unmarked fretboard
  12" radius
I haven't decided if I want to paint all that nice wood or go with a satin natural finish
If I paint it, it will be as white as I can get, with a orange pearloid pickguard
If I leave it natural it will be a white 3pc pickguard.

What are your thoughts?
Well, someone has to break it to you.
Warmoth doesn't do any neck-through guitars. Look at their website and read up on their bodies and necks. Not sure how you got the idea that they could do a neck-through. Sounds like a great guitar if you can get somebody else to make it for you.
paint on wenge? Might as well have aluminum siding put on it.
bpmorton777 said:
wont that wenge body make it wiegh like 400 pounds?


I can handle it.
Wenge is a great tone wood, so i'll sacrifice decades of back and left shoulder problems
WiDeN said:
Why no neckthoughs???

I think it's more because Warmoth is in the parts business, not the luthiery business.  Hope this helps.  Just visit the main site, and look at all the neck options, maybe you'll change your mind  :laughing7:
gregg told me they don't ussually do a 5 piece guitar neck, not that they won't. he said it can be dificult to center it. call and ask about it, the worst they can tell you is no, or yes but non refundable. expect an upcharge though.

leave the body natural, warmoth won't paint wenge. and if you do it the grain fill will be a royal pain in the arse.

+1 on the ziricote, that stuff looks awesome

ss6105 frets rock!

warmoth can bind the fretboard but the don't do bindings on headstocks. i don't know if you were concidering that but just FYI

warmoth's mentality is that they are in the replacement parts buisiness, 99% of what they do is entirely compatable with fender and gibson parts. more fender than not. they have a couple one off things out there like the gecko bass and the short scale 7/8 strat(not listed in the website as it is all hand work and i'm sure pretty expensive). but everything else is built to fender dimenions. they don't want to put too much odd ball stuff out there and have complaints from customers that don't know how to make it work together. so nix the neckthrough idea, they will not do it.