Mustang body lower horn switch option?

Professor Bill

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The Warmoth Mustang body seems great. I've got one on order at the moment.

As it's already flexible – the standard rout accommodates single coils as well as humbuckers – would it be a good idea to include, as part of the standard rout, a space for a switch and wire channel on the lower horn? This would be something like the newer reissue Fender “Offset” series Mustangs and Duo Sonics. It would always be covered by the pickguard, and then pickguard options could include a toggle or blade switch, in addition to or instead of the slider switches above the pickups.

I'm trying to figure out how to best make use of the Mustang's quirky switching options (various series-parallel schemes, &c.) but it would be great to have the flexibility of the lower horn switch without having to rout it myself and customize a pickguard. I wouldn't think it would involve major CNC file revision on Warmoth's part, and it might make the Mustang a more popular option for those looking for a short scale.


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This one gets a thumbs up from me as well, although I predict if such an option were implemented it would not be as part of the standard configuration: First, so they can charge extra for it, and second, so they don't get complaints from people with an older body trying to order a new pickguard with that option.