musicman humbucker wiring


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I have a question, i just recieved my Nordstand MM5.2 pickup (thanks to the advice of skuttlefunk) and i had one question about wiring it. I am going to do it series and the instructions say:
Red+ White= solder and tape off
Green (plus shield) = ground.
My question is, there are all those wires but then there are frayed wires coming out with them, it that the shield? Any help would be great.

yes, that should be the cable shielding IIRC. solder this together with the ground

I'm not in front of a MM pickup at the moment. I'll check when I'm back at the shop and post a follow-up if any correction need be made to this

Enjoy the pickup, and definitely post a sound clip when you get the opportunity

all the best,