Multipiece necks with laminate accent


Seen this on several guitars in the past and it's a classy look. Three piece maple neck w/ thin walnut or ebony laminates in between.
Yeah, used to be the thing with "neck through" builds. Don't think you'll find any at Warmoth though. Carvin is the only company I recall currently doing that.
the only companies i can think of doing that off the top of my head are some of the japanese ones like Ibanez with the 5-piece wizards (bolt-on and neck-thru) ESP Edwards line rockin the 9piece neck thrus which is somn i've only found on high end guitars-once again mainly japanese.  like i said i'm only listing the ones i can think of right away and i'm pretty sure there's more...
oh, and i think that would look sexy as hell....i mean, you've seen the gecko necks in the showcase right???  :eek:  :party07:
Gibson Firebird V and VII are neck thru multilaminate construction.

Ovation has a multilaminate neck on all USA models, maybe some of the imports too (I haven't checked).  For an acoustic, I gotta tell ya, that Ovation Adamas I've got... plays like a Strat (a Strat with .012's of course).
This pau ferro/ebony neck I found for cheap on eBay has a thin purpleheart laminate strip between the pau ferro and ebony board; you might be able to custom order something along those lines, call your friendly sales rep