More unrouted bodies on the showcase pages


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So many times, I see amazing stuff on the showcase pages, yet it always gets to me that so many of the bodies are already pre-routed for specific pickups, controls, etc. The whole turn-on to me about Warmoth's stuff is that I can create something that is out of the ordinary. For example, who says that a Les Paul has to have two humbuckers, or a Telecaster has to have an angled bridge pickup?  I know that this is the most popular way of ordering these specific bodies, but resist the urge to cut the pickups out and let the customer choose what goes in.



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Almost EVERY repeat buyer on here has the same complaint, the company has answered a few times with "they sell faster if customers can see the routes".
Sigh... You can always custom order though...


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when you custom order, it takes a few months, but with the showcase bodies, they are ready to ship immediatly.

so that being said, pre-routed bodies are the best option for the time factor.

but on the other hand, i agree...
i would like to see a bunch of bodies with no pickup routes so that i could choose my favorite routing.



From what I understand, and it makes sense, once a showcase item becomes a showcase item, the best thing for the business end of Warmoth is if when it is purchased it can go straight to their shipping dept.  Anything that would require it to go back to the factory will slow down production.  So the quicker they can get it out the door, the better.  Having most of the bodies routed means that most people look at them and say " I can work with that route", and out the door it goes, thus saving time and money in Warmoth's very busy production schedule.  You can, however change things up to a certain degree.  I had the routes changed on my thinline tele from traditional tele to a hum bridge and a P-90 neck.  Only works if what you want is bigger than what was there. 

Mor Paul

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And if it's smaller, can't you work around it for pickguard-mounted pickups? (for the most part)