More Bodies


Warmoth already has tons of great bodies, but I'd love to see an RG body, and maybe an S too. Also, you should make more bodies into 7-strings, the choices are kind of limited right now.
Hey Schmoo, dude you crack you up.

and me too

Hey ibby, theres a few Ibanez fans here, we all would love to see warmoth do Ibanez replacements, maybe someday
i for one would like to see the atk bass availible. that is nice.
or if i could get a replica of the pup, and mod it id be happy to.
in fact, screw that. does anybody know where to get an atk pup?
If anything I'd like an RG body that is routed for the ZR trem. It's a pity Ibanez won't get their heads out of their asses when it comes to what Ibanez players really want (bright colors, maple fretboards, no gimmicky inlays, ZR Tremolos on the RGs).  :-\
Yeah, Ibanez has really nice guitars when you can find one with all of the features you want... which is kind of hard sometimes.
yeah an RG body would sell like crazy on here.....well i'd think so anyway.....but i'm sure we all know that the RG wouldn't look quite right with a strat headstock so that would mean an all out Ibanez parts invasion!!! :guitarplayer2:  i'm not sure what warmoth would do about the RGA bodies tho since i'd imagine the soloist carved top would have to compete with it and frankly a lot of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference... :dontknow:
what Ibanez players really want (bright colors, maple fretboards, no gimmicky inlays, ZR Tremolos on the RGs).

check out that ibanez  :headbang1:

the rg 20th anniversary model is available in bright colors with a maple board. it is really overpriced because it is a limited eddition though...
plus they're only making 1,987 of them worldwide. good luck gettin' yer paws on one!

however ,there are similar models (basically the same thing) that are not lieited editions. they cost under $1000 from what i can gather and are spec.wise the same as the LE's*

take a look:

*limited editions
i like those old double cutaways that they used to make like the one that Ed Wynne of Ozric Tentacles plays. He also plays a green JEM and a newer Ibanez that is black with green pickups.

I recently bought a fixed bridge Ibanez RG7421 to tide me over until I can build my Warmoth 7-string, and it's a really good guitar. I forget sometimes that other people can do that, anymore.... :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:
I think they should offer a unique "Warmoth-only" type of thing...a combination Tele/Jazzmaster. By that, I mean a single-cutaway design (Tele), but skewed horizontally a bit to give it that Jazzmaster/Jaguar "slant".

A quick (and very dirty) Photoshop mockup...on the left is the standard Tele (duh!), with the modified design on the right. I skewed the Tele body a few degrees and grafted on the rounder Jazzmaster rear portion (hence the sloppy, different-colored wood...but you get the idea):


They've got the Soloist and VIP models, plus the Z body and some others. But not much love for us "single cutaway, six-on-a-side peghead" guys. The only thing close is the VW model, but it's kinda smallish, and it already looks like something in existence (those Ernie Ball VH guitars). This would be something new, yet familiar and friendly...two classics - the iconic Telecaster and the swoopy Jazzmaster - brought together.

I suppose you could describe it as a single-cutaway Strat, even? Offer the forearm and tummy cuts, so it's comfortable and catches the paint highlights just right. Make a hollow version (the upper and lower portions completely routed out, with just the center piece solid, for anchoring the bridge, a B5 Bigsby (or those Tele-specific ones you see on Fenders). Rear-routing, double F-holes available, standard Tele-style side-mounted jack, etc. Pair it with a Tele neck, or just go completely goofy and use a big ol' CBS Strat reverse (upside-down) peghead to just further wig people out...


I was hoping for maybe a strat or soloist body that is maybe 1/4" to 1/2" thicker.  Something like the ESP lynch models.  I really feel like it would beef up the tone.
It would also be cool to do a Dean ML shape and the Dean neck with the V headstock. I love the Dean ML's and have a 79' reissue but I would love to make one out of Warmoth parts. What about the Jackson they offer that? The King V isn't on their list as a body option but they made one for me.