Mooncaster ?


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Exploring ideas for the next build, and a Mooncaster is currently top of mind.  I've been intrigued by this guitar since I first got a bug to build a guitar body a few years ago.  Some questions....

How is the upper register access?  Looks like it's in range of a Tele?

Is there a diagram that shows the routes done on the inside of the body?  Would love to see how much wiggle room there is for custom contours and possible subtle shape changes

Just want to verify, the Mooncaster is a carved top?

Just want to verify, only 2 pickups?  Also, I've never seen a mini hum route referenced on the builder for this guitar.  Is there some significance to this route that it can't be done on this guitar, or just an oversight?  Please tell me there wouldn't be an additional charge for a mini hum route?

On the old website, selecting a binding was optional, while on the new site, it seems mandatory.  Possible to still get a body done without binding?

This is not Mooncaster specific, but on the old website, a non recessed Floyd Route could be ordered, on the new site, that option is not there.  Still an option?

Can a Mooncaster be ordered without the contoured heel?

Instead of a lower horn pickup selector, possible to do on the upper horn like a Les Paul?

Very much appreciated.....thanks
I am in the middle of building a mooncaster, so I can answer some of your questions.

Yes, it is a carved top and binding is required on the top. Contoured heel and 'tummy cut' are both also included. It also only gives you the option for two pickups, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could contact them and ask them to put a middle one in if there's room with whatever you choose. The same goes for the switch in the upper horn. The problem with that is there is no access to that area, so you or they would have to cut an additional hole to be able to install it. Seems like a lot of effort. I decided to go with the toggle down by the knobs and went with three knobs - volume 1 and 2 and tone 2 and it makes a diamond with the switch hole.

I don't know of a diagram, but you can kind of see the way they do it in their videos. I think they leave like 1/4" of wood over the thinnest parts, so not a lot of room for adjustment. You're right about not having the non-recessed Floyd Rose, but I don't know anything about those to be able to answer, you'd have to contact customer service and ask the pros.

I obviously can't comment on the upper register access or any of that jazz.

It's a great looking guitar, I can't wait to get mine put together. I will definitely post lots of pictures once I receive the body, though it will still probably be a few weeks at least :) I will let you know how she plays once she's up and running!