Modernized vintage tele build, charcoal frost metallic


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I'm building my first tele, and received the body after a mere 4 week wait. Thanks Warmoth!  Incredibly, they sent me a one-piece body (swamp ash), which I didn't even request.  Wow. 

The concept here is a lightly-relic'd tele that looks vintage but with some modern features. So roasted flamed maple neck with Pau Ferro fretboard, locking vintage tuners, contoured neck heel, aged hardware/finish, and flush fitting ferrules and electrosocket jack.  Charcoal Frost Metallic (gray) with tortoise pickguard and top binding.

For the record, I drilled the jack hole with a 1" forstner bit on a drill press so the jack fits flush.  The ferrules were drilled open with a 10mm forstner bit (not exactly easy to find!) since the ferrule OD is 9.7mm.  Then countersunk a little with a countersink bit.  The ferrule holes were pretty tough to do well but protruding ferrules is absolutely not an option.

Now sending out to paint. Will update.  :icon_biggrin:


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