Minibuck cluck


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anybody here ever wired a guitar with a minibucker being split?  still trying to figure out if i'll go that route or just stick with a fullsized humbucker...
Do you mean single coil sized humbuckers? On my current tele thinline project I've decided to pair up a little 59 with a vintage rails at the neck.

I really can't be bothered with spliting it. The world and his cat seems pretty adament that the results are just sh*t so I'd just go for the full hum sound. Its best to have different guitars for different things. Have a top quality humbucking guitar and a top quality single coil guitar, theres no point point trying to make something a jack of all trades.
Considering mini hum coils are quite a bit smaller than strat sized coils.... I'd say nah.

However... if you had TWO mini hums, and split them and recombined them - that is - say one coil from bridge to one coil from neck, or, added a coil to the mix... full bridge pickup, plus a coil from the neck (in series!) you might be on to something nice.
yeah i was actually talkin bout a minibucker ala firebird cuz i've never heard of anyone tapping them before but i like the sound of SCs in the neck too so i just wanted to keep that option...... :guitarplayer2:
This doesn't seem to be common knowledge, but Neil Young actually has a coil split for the firebird pickup in the bridge position on Old Black. I have no idea whether it's used at all, but it's there in the middle of the volume/tone controls. Also I don't know if his non-refinished '53 "stand-in" Les Paul has this switch.

I rather like to split my fullsize HBs, but it's strange imagining Neil wanting to do the same with a mini!
I've split the coils on two different GFS brand SC-sized HBs.  They both sounded like crap when split, just weak and thin.  Don't think I'd bother, but if you like tinkering, give it a try.
yeah....i think i'll leave the splitting for the full size HBs unless i can find a guitar with the mini being split and have a chance to test it.....