Mid boost?


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Has anybody ran a mid boost ala: Clapton style? If so what kind of results did u get? I heard they will be very noisy with vintage pick ups?
I've got a cornell mid boost in my strat with duncan antiquity and vintage pickups. The mid boost is one of the best investment I've ever done. It's not noisy, though I rarely use it over 6.
dont those things require a battery installed in the guitar to opperate? wouldnt it be easyer to buy a stop box eq?

of course, you can use something like the MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control Pedal from www.demeteramps.com But I find it way more practical to have it installed in the guitar. Yes, it needs a 9v battery (lasts for about 1 year, and the guitar output won't be muted if the battery is dead)

Of course, if you use a lot of different guitars then it's more wise to go with a pedal.

I have really integrated this into my playing style now, and I could never get the same results from a pedal as I adjust the boost all the time, not just on/off.
Wire one of these
to a push/push pot & you're good to go.

Best thing is, if the battery dies, you can still play with the boost turned to the off position, it won't leave you silent.