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Does anyone know what the vast majority of chrome-plated hardware is actually made of?  Is it nickel?  Stainless steel?  Specifically, I'm talking about shaller mini-locking tuners, the gotoh hardtail bridge, and various tele knobs and control plate/jack, etc.
I could have sworn I read some place that my chrome ufo knobs were actually made of brass.  Don't quote me on that though. :)
Good question!  I'd guess that most bent stuff (like Fender-style bridges) is made from steel and most machined stuff (like tuners and knobs) is made from brass.  I found this on Schaller's FAQ: said:
What basic materials are Schaller products made of?
    The basic materials for our machine heads, bridges, tremolos, etc. are almost exclusively zinc, steel, or brass, i.e. very high-quality materials that are then refined with special surfaces such as gold, ruthenium, chrome, black chrome, nickel, etc. (see images under "Products/Guidelines")
Unfortunately, I think Zinc or pot metal is used more than most people realize.  Especially for Fender bridges and Gibson hardware.  Its not steel.