Mesa Roadster


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First post.

Mesa Roadster and Custom Hamer Monaco Super pro............ Now I just need to build the ultimate Warmoth Tele to make all right in the universe.. ha ha ha

Nice Hamer.  I was reminded that I wasn't supposed to disclose items I had in the message I originally posted.  My apologies.... to those who read it, we'll have to shoot you now.  Please forgive me.

Hamer's are all virtually custom.  I have that on first hand information <nod wink>.  They have catalog items, that they do runs of, but... really even those are virtual custom.  The men (and a few women) there are really top notch, and fully dedicated to what they do.  The bossman spends too much time in Florida (gotcha cWK!!!).

Not a fan of huge amps, but that axe is ... wooohooo sweet.
welcome to the board :headbang:
love em both i had a 1 piece flame maple body vintage tint hamer strat with a paufero fret board in the early 90s it was a sweet to die for guitar(lost it to the first wife)
totaly  2 thunbs up on the boogie i love them :icon_thumright:  :icon_thumright: ill bet the combo is sweet.
I have the same head (Mesa Roadster) on a 16 ohm Orange cab. along with 2 other heads... Carvin V3, and Orange Tiny Terror. I like the versitility of the Roadster but I think that it was 2300$ that could have been better spent on Wormoth guitars XD. This is my personal opinion of course. You may love it! It Just wasn't "The One" for me. And as for the Wormoth Tele.... :headbang: Kudos...