Maybe some funky, quirky 60's type body shape offerings?

I love me some ovations, I know there are some strong opinions here against them.  I love them, their sound and playability.  Like Picasso, you love him or hate him.

Actually, the only one I can possibly see is the meteoro (sp).  The rest are a niche in niche as AA said.
Growing up, people's eyes would glaze over at the mention of "Mosrite"! It was like a mystic incantation. Unfortunately, few of us could afford to even think of buying one.

My main squeeze, was a Kent 740. Weighed a ton, brutal action, but absolutely gorgeous! Gave it away to a friend somewhere around 1972. I'd gladly buy a replacement body shaped like a 740, but I'd also settle for a Mosrite Ventures....


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I have no rigorous academic study. I'm not a vintage guitar authority. I'm just some (semi)anonymous random dude behind a keyboard. But...

I have  a hunch that Ken bears a rather large chunk of the blame for the 'small handful of approved canonical bodies from the big two and a couple other random manufacturers' guitar scene of today. Yes the originals laid down that framework, but ... the emergence of replacement bodies in the 80's and the slew of 'custom guitar shops' that emerged as a result certainly greased the tracks in that direction.