Maybe some funky, quirky 60's type body shape offerings?



Warmoth seems to have the traditional Fender and the metal/"rawk" offerings well in hand. What I'd love to see would be a little "Kitsch 'n' Quirk" section of, say, 5-10(?) body shapes evoking (if licensing and all prevents outright replicating) classic 60's type offerings from Mosrite, Danelectro (longhorn, etc.), Teisco, Vox, etc., with all the expected Warmoth pickup/bridge/finishing options available. Maybe offer up another 3-5 headstock designs (6-in-line, 3+3) that would pair nicely with these bodies. I think of how cool all those 60's Italian and Japanese guitars (along with the above brands) look, and how neat it would be to pair those shapes with nice, quality necks, electronics and hardware (retro or otherwise).

I think people could really put together some truly personalized, unique builds (I've reached the point in my life where I find myself questioning if the world truly needs ANOTHER Telecaster or Strat). My answer is "no", BTW...  :icon_tongue:

But would be wonderful if Warmoth offered even just 4-6 new bodies of this type, even if just close approximations. That's the thing about this stuff (rolling your own, etc.) would never occur to me to use Warmoth to build a stock-looking Strat, Tele, P-Bass, etc. If I'm going to do a "custom build/assembly", then it's going to look like it. It would be awesome if Warmoth provided the ready-to-assemble bodies because I'm not really qualified/equipped to do a scratch build. The ideas/wants are there, but the tools, time and ability simply aren't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the thought of putting together a bound, Mosrite-shaped guitar in a flake finish with Jazzmaster pickup/bridge/tremolo routing and a 6-in-line, so-ugly-it's-cool reverse headstock is the kind of thing that keeps me warm at night.  :)
I agree with the idea - imagine a Teisco Spectrum, but with Warmoth quality/playability/finish etc. Beyond cool.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure some of the body styles they already offer are too niche to properly pay their bills, so your only hope is probably Bob. I'd guess they sell 100 Strat bodies for every 1 Musiclander, so Fenton Weills are not very likely.
At one time I would have said there is not enough market for these kinds of bodies, but with Jack White and others making odd stuff more mainstream - there may be a niche to fill.
Does Fender's new Meteora fit this niche market?

I like it. I want one - humbuckers, no pickguard, rear routed controls, reverse peghead.
I was noticing Glen Campbell in a vid - I don't think he appears playing a "normal" guitar until well into the 80's, long after he'd made his mark.
Yes - even after he was quite a success in the music biz Glen played a weird Asian guitar. Can't remember the maker, and I think it was a signature axe. Eventually though, Glen was spotted playing Fender, Gretsch, and Gibson electrics. Of course - once he hooked up with Ovation, he made them a household name.
They must have paid him a boatload of money. I can't imagine anyone of his caliber deliberately choosing an Ovation for anything outside of campfire get-togethers.
Dunno, kinda looks like a mosrite to me:




Not that I would want one mind you...
I can't find the video..... It was in black and white, Glen playing with the Beach Boys on TV, and it was some weird thing with 4 pickups. NOT a Mosrite.
Funny...just yesterday, days AFTER making my original post above, I saw a photo of Joe Perry playing a TV Jones custom guitar that is - you guessed it - a bound Mosrite shape with a "so-ugly-it's-cool" reverse headstock. How weird/funny, the timing! I never knew a) Perry even played such an design, and b) that TV Jones was the one the one that made it.

This is EXACTLY the kind of non-Strat/Tele foolishness I'd love to be able to buy from Warmoth!  :toothy11:

PS - Interesting tidbit: the guy beside Perry is NOT Beck's grandpa, as I originally assumed, but is actually the other Aerosmith guitarist.
FYI, BRAD Whitford is not the same guy as BRADLEY Whitford.  Who knew!

Compare: Aging rockstar

And aging actor (seen her in "Get Out", 2017):

I love me some Glen Campbell, but that ain't exactly what the kids are clamoring for these days. And even Jack White is so 2000's....and jumps around between axes all the time, from the old Airline stuff, to Ernie Ball St. Vincent, to EVH Wolfgang, etc., which doesn't generate as much demand as it would if he were identified with a single guitar.

The shapes we are talking about are not only a niche, but almost a niche of a niche. You also have to remember that we sell parts, so the demand has to be there not only for the shape, but for the shape as a part.

Of all of them, I would love a Mosrite shape the most. That would be super cool. Not sure if it will ever happen though....and honestly if Warmoth is going to spend time developing niche shapes I would rather them be original...things you can't get anywhere else.
Fender Marauder would be pretty cool.  But, I agree with double A in that I would prefer original shapes.  My Velocity archtop has become my #1.  Looks great, most comfortable/balanced guitar I've ever played and get nothing but good comments about it.
Glen Campbell with his Teisco T60:


Do you really not see the mass appeal, double A?

Doesn't appeal to me. But then, it took 40 years for Teles to appeal to me, so go figure  :icon_biggrin:
double A said:
The guitar, or the haircut?

Very few things just make me genuinely cackle out loud like a B-movie villain, but that was excellently played. I'm still chuckling because when I first saw that pic of Glen Campbell 10 minutes ago, the first - and only - thing I noticed was the righteous Moe Howard Special he's sporting up top.

I may have been overreaching/wishing-too-hard in my original post. Honestly, I'd be completely thrilled/satisfied with just that basic Mosrite-ish shape being offered, with the usual Warmoth options (neck pocket shape, pickups, bridge, tremolo, front-or-rear routing, binding, finishes, etc.). Can you go in tomorrow and start banging that drum to the powers-that-be, Aaron?  :icon_smile:
You can always get a body blank and let your kid cut it out.