Maple Neck Tung Oil Finishing


I have been slowly applying tung oil to an all maple neck. Does tung oil really work as a fingerboard finish? I worry somewhat about string contact quickly removing the finish and resulting in dirty fingerboard syndrome. Don't have problems with this on a 5-10 year old guitar that has had hell played out of it but it is not what I am looking for after a couple of months of playing with a body that shows no signs of wear.

As a follow on question can you apply nitro lacquer over a tung oil finish? Are tung oil and nitro compatible? Any issues with the lacquer failing to bond or adhere to the tung oil?

Oh you'll be fine with the tung oil is it min wax brand? Apply it thin and rub off the excess till the tackiness is gone. Then let dry. Steel wool it till the sheen is gone and apply another coat, repeat. Keep them coats real thin, It will dry quicker and you will get better results.
look through the DIY finishing section. CB has posted a wealth of information about the subject. Also...tung oil voids the warranty on your neck if it us a Warmoth neck....


Using Behlen pure tung oil.

I don't need no steenkin' warranty.

It is funny. Most of the neck looks great but the fingerboard doesn't seem to be building much finish depth. Probably just paranoid again.

you cant use behlen without thinner, its not properlynixed

minwax is the best

and you want to put a thick coat on, and use steel whool to buff it to a polish, dipp the whool intpo denatured alchohol and wet sand it, the tung oil is completely resistant to alchohol and it makes a grreat pore cleaner when u are buffing it out with steel whool finest u can get

and no, most fingerboards dont need any finish at all

maybe some lemon oil every time u change stringsif u are trully interested int ung oil you can private message me, ive done soo many im a fan of it