LSR nut placment


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I have been having some tuning issues with my LSR/VS 100/Sperzel set up.
I noticed that the nut is not exactly centered in the neck. It is about 1/32-1/16" to one side. I think the holes were pre drilled from Warmoth?

Is this enough to cause the strings to "catch" when I dive the bar? I am going to pull out the screws, center the nut, and see if that helps.

Any thoughts?
I spoke to a rep at Warmoth. He said to pull out the screws and center it.
I also noticed that it was too low. I set up the guitar again using Dan Erlewine's book. I used all the spacers it came with, but it was still too low.
I ended up using a small piece of cardboard. Is there a problem with that?
i've never experienced a problem with cardboard. but if you are really concerned about the sound maybe swap it out for something hard that won't absorb much vibration like maybe a saple credit card or something
I'm not so concerned about the sound, as much as change in the height.
I am not too worried because the roller nut is screwed in, not glued.