LPS and Z Body Questions


Two questions -

I've heard that the LPS bodystyle lends very little support to the neck, and as such, any pressure on the neck easily causes the pitch to shift. Does anyone have any experience with this?


On a Z Body, is it possible to have the input jack on the side of the guitar, as opposed to the top surface? Does Warmoth do this rout? I was considering wiring it with a Volume Knob, a Tone Knob, and a pickup selection switch for between 2 humbuckers, and I am not a fan of the 5 way switch.
Well, ask them, and if they give you a big upcharge you can drill the side jack yourself, all you need is a 7/8" forstner bit, will run you about $15.

Edit:  If you're good with a drill and a chisel you could probably do something really cool: drill from the control cavity almost out to the side, level it out so there's just 1/8" of wood, and you'll have a side-jack that's right in the wood like an SG's  :guitaristgif:
about the LPS..you might be thinking of ones made by Gibson, which have the neck tennon underneith the neck pickup. they have great upper fret access but the joint isnt as solid as a standard LP. That being said my Hamer has this kind of neck joint and seems to be very solid.

Warmoth's LPS have a strat style bolt-on neck joint. This will be the same as having a strat more or less.

When I was looking into building a Warmoth LPS I saw posts from a few people on various forums saying the neck joint wouldn't be stable. However, it seemed like this was all based on speculation. I decided to build one anyway and I have absolutely no problems with the neck joint. I can get the pitch to shift more on my Strat than on my LPS (probably because the LPS is Mahogany/Wenge and has a beefier truss rod). The only issue I had with the LPS body was the excessive neck dive when I attached the strap to the upper horn. The upper horn is pretty short on this body and my neck is pretty heavy so it wasn't a great combination. I moved the strap button to the neck joint and it's been great ever since. I just wish I'd have known that before I drilled into the upper horn.  :toothy11:

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