LP toggle in TeleThinline upper bout...


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Ken at Warmoth said a LP style toggle would fit thru the f/hole in a Tele Thinline.

I wanted them to do a LP switch route into a Thinline and he said... woods too thin in back, only 1/4 inch, and that in the control cavity area they intentionally leave it thicker to hold the cover plate, but the rest of the back was really thin... thats when he mentioned that it was possible to get the switch in via the F/hole.

Ok, so here's the question -

Once its in, how in buggers do I hold it while turning the nuf?  On an ES-335, the switch is right next to the F/hole and you just reach in and hold it.  On a thinline Tele, its a good several inches away.  I'm envisioning that I'll have to fabricate a special tool to hold the switch, unless somebody has a better way.

BTW, pulled the trig on a thinline body today, flame on mahogany, with fat mahogany neck too.  Routed for P90 x HB.  The look I'm going for is like this

which is what I did to my black nasty LP BFG.  The idea is to do one in a thinline, the same in every respect, except on a tele pattern.  Yes, I'm going to carve the thinline top a bit to give it waves.... <gg!!>
One more... with pickguard
A star washer will grip on the back side and should help in keep the switch housing from moving.

I hadn't heard of an LP switch being put in that way before. Keep us posted.
Well... if it doesn't go in that way... I'll either modify the f/hole slightly, or find a better way - somehow.  I'm sorta going on Ken's say-so here...

no, thats why God made Dremel, or better yet, the Black and Decker varient, that takes ALL the Dremel accessories and has much better bearings.