LP switch cavity


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To anyone who knows, what are the measurements of the LP's standard switch cavity?  I am wondering if I could fit the regular switch and then two mini switches on either side.  Anyone know if that would fit?
Don't have measurements, but from my calibrated eyeball I don't think it would be possible to do that; why not mount them in the control cavity?
I guess I couldn't see a very pleasing spot for them in there.  I'll just have to go with push pull knobs.  I has hoping to be able to do mini switches because it would be cheaper than all the push pull pots.  Oh well.  Thanks.
it seams like it would be less work to do push pulls over toggles in the switch cavity, lot of running wires, from both cavities, and hard to stuff every thing and work in that cavity.

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The cost difference between 2 push/pull pots over 2 standard pots and 2 mini switches is negligible. Looks neater and there's no extra drilling involved either.
mate, good luck fitting them in, i had an epiphone les paul a long while ago, but it was hard enough just getting the one toggle switch in.