LP junior


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Is an LP junior the exact same dimensions as a regular LP?  Same scale length?  Are the only differences the pickups and cosmetics?
If my brain is working correctly this afternoon (a stretch, I realize); I believe the "junior" designation is given to a flattop LP.  Scale length, body size, etc. still the same.

There have been multiple versions from Gibson, based on single cutaway LP style body, double cutaway LP Special and SG body; all with a single bridge P90 and single vol/tone controls; all were flat rather than curved top. Early 50's models of the LP single cutaway and "TV" model mid-50s were available in a 3/4 scale body; additionally the original "Melody Maker" was a 3/4 scale single cutaway LP style.

So it varies with year and model - as far as vintage Gibsons went; I wouldn't have a clue as to re-issues, but don't recall seeing a 3/4 scale re-issue, but they may have made some later on. The single cutaway LP is the only one that came in the 3/4 scale, if that's the actual question...