low e string is "donK"-ey , can a thicker neck remedy?


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No,, my neck is not warmoth. actually,, it's a Big Lou. Yes, my neck is awesome,, but not only on this guitar, on it's all of them,, :::

so, when I play the high strings, it's nice and chirpy. I play clean, and no gain, and actually, I'm playing through a mic-in on a block-rocker right now. Anyway, the way that you can get that really nice harmonic ring once you start plucking just so, that the notes are so nice , ,

well, it's easy on the high strings, and particularly up the neck on the low e string, the big clunky string just stands out so much, , like "donk". I just finished the warmoth videos about neck shape and tone, and I know others might think less of the variation, but I think MORE of it. In fact, I'm so bent on the tonal effects of the wood and shape and such. I wonder if a thicker neck with more wood all up and down the course of the strings would help "de-donk-ify" the low e-string??

it's like ,, chirp chirp chirp  donk. 

I do know that it has been suggested to me before to use lighter guage strings,,, but then, , , I like my strings. I want what the larger strings offer a lot of the time to just get rid of them over one donky song. I play green slinky pack 10's on the guitar right now,,, although I will really use any strings and especially at smaller "local" shops the selection can leave you with d'addarios or some other strings, I don't care, but I seem to always want at least 10's, and am more willing to play 11's than 9's. Not that I will NEVER play smaller strings,,, just that if a thicker neck will be the medicine, then I would prefer to go that route. AND,, since the string is different for being larger,, AND since larger instruments don't always donk despite their hugeness, I can't help but wonder if a thicker neck would sort of minimize that "differentsoundingness" of the largest string.

Another problem with switching to 9's , is that it produces a similar problem, where there is just some other thing that doesn't sound as good, even if they chirp more easily, and sustain evenly on smaller plucks. I mean, I still want my full sound,, and since I"m not on a stage cutting through a mix, I actually WANT to produce the broader spectrum a LOT, its my bedroom, so I don't want to lose my full bass and round sound, the bass string WILL ring nicely, just particularly up at 12 it seems it's too short or something I don't know,, it's that goofy sound that they all make there. the "doo" like sound of the upper frets magnifies the "donk" effect of the large string.
Hard to tell from the description can you post a sample to sound cloud?
rick2 said:
Hard to tell from the description can you post a sample to sound cloud?

i can try to post some sound of some kind,,, maybe not right away.

it may also be the string height. maybe the e just needs more room. i can't raise it any higher at the bridge. maybe i should try that.
It sounds like a dead spot but also as just suggested if it is a Strat type or similar if the pickup is too high on the bass side and you press down on a higher fret you can get unexpected results.