Low cost truss rod cover for tilt back necks


First off I want to thank Senior Member, Stratamania. Several months ago I posted a question about the possibility of using a Warmoth Gibson conversion neck on a Fender Acoustasonic. Stratamania quickly posted a full analysis of the issues I might encounter. Utilizing his expert advice I ordered a Warmoth Vortex tilt-back neck, unfinished roasted maple with rosewood fretboard. The modifications needed for the neck to fit were minor. I had to drill one new neck bolt hole. I then needed to put a metal disc in where the micro-tilt adjustment screw contacts the back of the heel of the neck. I used a forstner bit to make a shallow round recess and super glued a dime into it. Voila! The neck fits and functions perfectly.

I love the neck and the Gibson scale allows me to use heavier gauge strings. Other than what is mentioned above, I did nothing else to the neck. It is super smooth and the fret ends are flawless. However, I really do not like the truss rod cover that Warmoth included. It's a large piece of black plastic and uses 3 screws. I found that a wooden tongue depressor could be stained and with just one straight horizontal cut be made into truss rod cover. For $5 Amazon sells packages of 100+ colored tongue depressor shaped birch sticks for craft projects. I used wood dye to approximate the color of rosewood, cut it to length (54mm) and with just one hole at the top I had a presentable truss rod cover.

I have several extra dyed sticks. Therefore, in grateful appreciation of Stratamania's advice here on the forum, I will send to anyone here a dyed stick, or two if you want, for free until I run out of them. Just send an email with your mailing address to mlidowsky@gmail.com. You will need to cut it to length, drill the hole and darken the cut end with a felt tip pen.

Headstock.jpgTongue depressors.jpg
Thanks for the shout-out etc,

@Mitch I think you are referring to this thread linked below for the analysis.

If you have any photos etc of the neck heel and body neck pocket, it would be really useful to confirm the analysis and may be helpful to others. Possibly better posted in the thread linked above for that.

That is a useful idea for truss rod covers.
I have the same neck incoming in about 4 weeks.
Yea, I think 3 screws on the cover is WAY overkill!
My PRS uses 1 screw.