Looking for someone who can build a neck thru body blank


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I'm new here and was suggested by the gear page to ask around for help on a project. I'm looking for someone who can build me a neck thru guitar blank with the body already cut out, is there anyone on the forum that does this type of work?


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Greetings, but hey - who am I to say that - 1st post for me as well  :glasses10: !

I don't know of anyone who will do a body on a neck-through blank without finishing the whole guitar for you, but I've got half decent woodworking skills/tools, and have also thought of making a neck-thru at times as well. I know that Carvin offers a reasonably-priced blank ($209), and have considered ordering one to give it a whirl:


Unfortunately, Warmoth doesn't do these (yet?), but maybe this is a place to start... hope it helps...

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I am in the opposite situation of the OP.  That is, I would like the neck through neck portion, and not the body blank.  Did either of these posters (or anyone else) find help?  I have approached Warmoth (not knowing they didn't do this) and do not know where else to turn.

Hello teed,

Stewmac sells the neckthrough portion that you are probably looking for.
There's a link, I also think I mentioned this somewhere else on the forum, but I don't remember. 
At Mansfield Guitars I do all types of custom work including custom builds. I have never done just a body and neck but I'd be willing to help you out. Drop me an email if you want at info@mansfieldguitars.com and let me know the details of what your lookig for.

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Presuming these posts were directed at me, and not Sam - then thanks, nigel and mansfield. 

Mark, since posting I have been in contact with all manner of folk, including Warmoth and Stew-mac.  The blanks which Stew-mac do are in a 'restricted' type of timber, and therefore they will not send it outside of the United States. 

As I am not in the US, this does not help me much!
...but on second thought the blank is pretty expensive ($400 something) but i think they give you a good choice of woods available.

i believe they're pretty good with customers outside of the US too
doug at soulmate guitars is worth an e-mail.  i have heard very good things about his necks

they do - and they have a few options to tweak them to what you want

look at the accessories section on the link above to see the options, there may be a few more if you talk to them directly

the stew-mac ones are made by carvin
I build neck though guitar necks, and have been selling them on ebay for about 2 years.  I just started a new web site.  If you are interested, check out my site at: man-cave-guitar.com or email me at msteffer@man-cave-guitar.com

Murray Stefferud 
hello, i am owner of Serenghetti Guitars ...i can do anything you need ....just email me ill be glad to give you a great deal and get you what your asking for.

email: ray@serenghettiguitars.com
352 239 2567