Long time, no see....

ByteFrenzy said:
Good to have you back, Mully !! I guess it's much of the same for a lot of us here, health things big and small popping up... I'm on blood pressure medication since a year or two, been struggling with a disc protrusion pressing on the main nerve of my right leg about the same time, and confronted with my hearing going AWOL at an alarming rate. Still, I guess it beats kicking the bucket at thirty seven years old.

Yep, nobody told me growing up was going to suck so bad. I gotta tell ya, I'm 48 and I feel like I'm still 25, except everything hurts, and I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Other than that....
MikeW said:
Welcome back Mully. Good to hear you're doing well with the disease. I've been helping my Dad along with his recovery and I know what a struggle it is to curb all the bad habits. Good on ya for beating it so far.

Thanks, man. I got my eye on the prize. Next up, another VH build. Details coming soon.
Fat Pete said:
Great response to a bad situation, Mullyman. Good to see you back.

Thanks, man. Great to be back. Look at all the G's OTM you've racked up. Impressive!
Looking good Mully!

You know...it's none of my business...but cutting back on all the EVH guitars I see you eating all the time could really help some.

Seriously, though....nice work!
double A said:
Looking good Mully!

You know...it's none of my business...but cutting back on all the EVH guitars I see you eating all the time could really help some.

Seriously, though....nice work!

The Frankenstein is actually high in fiber, low in sugar, and a complex carb. It's right up there with broccoli.
mullyman said:
Re-Pete said:
It's a Japanese act actually.  Babymetal   You did three videos about them. Much to my eternal bemusement and appreciation.  :icon_thumright: Music hasn't been the same for me since those videos. I've been looking at detuned 7 string guitars with a wanton lust of late (but resisting to spend as I don't have the $).

BTW, this video will bring you tears one way or another......

Oh, the girlz. Yeah, these days I find it less and less entertaining going to concerts, and more of a hassle. Especially here since the train rides alone are going to cost me over a hundred bucks. Then I have to fight the crowds, put up with the drunk idiots etc... Yeah, it would take a pretty big band for me to go to a concert. I didn't even go to see Van Halen last time they were here, and you know how much man love I have for them. BabyMetal? Nah, I doubt that I'll be going to see them. hehe!!
only band I want to see live right now is Aerosmith, and that's because Mrs. MULLY loves them and has never seen them

Yeah I'm similar, perhaps it's a sign we are growing up and won't tolerate the long waits, the cues or the hassles of drunks. But I will make an exception for Babymetal, it's an act I'm curious to see live. The reports are either overhyped or true, I wanna know which. I'd have to get form moulded hearing protection though, which is an expense.... Aerosmith is similar, to me, with the Stones.....No disrespect to Mrs Mully's liking of them, but way too old to be doing shows. I had a chance to see the Stones years ago & passed it up because I felt they had past it.  I creak and groan enough and don't need to see others doing same on a big screen. I know that reads ugly, but I do enjoy their catalogs of music each band, but I think each band has to decide when is the time to stop. Stopping seems the hardest for some of them. I'm even feeling close to that with U2, Van Halen, Bon Jovi & that's starting to creep in with The Foo Fighters....

Have a great week Mully & pass my regards onto Mrs Mully, who is your Rock of Gibraltar in all this, dealing with changing dietary needs and shopping etc. You're a lucky man to have someone caring for you so much.  :icon_thumright:
I saw Babymetal last month. I forced myself to listen to 1 full song before going back to the real bands. They definitely drew a crowd though, between the fans and the normals, that is.
I find Babymetal inspiring -- not their music or their show, just the idea. Could spawn a whole new genre:

B I R T H M E T A L ! ! !