"loaded pickguard" off ebay?


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there is at least oen ebay merchant who specializes in selling assembled "loaded" srat pickguards in varying colors and configurations. This seller seems to mostly carry Lace Sensor pickups.

Can anyone think of any reason that this would not be a good ide to puchase? i'd rather not have to mess with soldering, etc. Just dropping in the pre-wired pickguard would be easy.

If there's any reason this might not be a good idea (i.e. crappy quality switches, pots, etc) then please let me know.

thank you.
Hey there, 
  I have a comment that is based more on e-bay's buyer beware nature than on the particulars of which you speak.  There are some reputable  companies out there on the net (and maybe even near you, I have a guy right down the road) that do this kind of stuff, and while you may not be able to hunt out a bargain, at least they can and do describe all aspects of the product they are selling you, ie they can tell you exactly what kind of pots, caps switches they use.  You usually can tell them what pickups you want and have them do it up for you, with the added benefit that if you are not satisfied you can return it to them.  This is something not always possible with e-bayers, but something that I always look for when purchasing something of this nature.  Rothstein Guitars is a highly recomended seller of prewired pickguards, hell, they even use Warmoth pickguards, so you know they know their stuff!  Anyway, good luck with your project and I hope whatever you decide to do it works out well!
Are you asking if buying from E-bay is ok, or if pre-wired is ok?

Price and who put it together are factors to consider, if they are truely lace pickups, and the rest is garbage, is it worth buying if only for the pickups?
And if the rest is good too, it's a bonus. 

Can you post a link to what your looking at?
If you're talking about MetalShopMusic's store, they sell a lot of different pickups prewired in pickguards, they're ;egit and you're paying a premium over buying the parts and doing the assembly/wiring yourself.

Generally speaking if you're dealing with an eBay store with a good track record/feedback rating there's nothing to worry about; when you're dealing with individuals it can be a crap shoot, so's been my experience.

Keep in mind you will still have to solder the ground and jack connections.
Metal Shop Music, that is the vendor.

here is one example of their loaded pickguard product:


Thanks for the advice ,that is helpful. I think I am going to buy from them, rather than doing the soldering myself.