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Hey all.

In light of some discussion about some older members leaving the board and a lot of the new members joining with a bunch of questions I figured it would be a good idea to make a FAQ or something and either Sticky it in the general discussion or put it up in the "read before posting" section.

I'm talking the things that keep being asked over and over again like quality of Warmoths bolt-on joint vs. the traditional glue in
and the recent "how easy is it to build a warmoth" question that keeps popping up.

We could write it ourselves, from the community.  Kind of like a consensus thing with all of our experienced peers that have been a big part of the community.  We can draft up a few smaller documents that aren't really laborious to read.

I think if we do it this way it can be kind of an unofficial-warmoth community project that'll bring us all together to make sure newcomers get the best information rather than getting annoyed with new people asking the same questions all the time.
Most forums I go to have new people asking questions that have been answered thousands of times and the long time members usually swear at them and tell them to use the search function.  We don't want to have a place like that here right? So lets get some pre-emptive discussion going and get this worked out.

What do you think?
A FAQ would be fine, but i HATE having stickies on a forum!
When you have a bunch of stickies, you have to waste time scrolling down to get to the first topic.

Damn stickies to hell i say!

The "Please Read Before Posting" section would be the perfect place for a FAQ section.
I was thinking about this same thing just the other day, and I am surprised that none of us have made a real effort yet.  I do however think some tips/tricks and other helpful technical information would be a good idea.  There is plenty of great info from past threads that can be summarized.
line6man said:
The "Please Read Before Posting" section would be the perfect place for a FAQ section.

Yes indeed, just rename it to "Posting Rules and FAQs" or something similar. Good thinking VA :)
ok so what would we use as the main topics?

We need 3 or 4 main questions and a faq for each that ... sort of fits the category.
What do you think they should be.

I think at the top of the list would be.

Is making a Warmoth guitar easy?
How does a Bolt-on Neck compare to a Set Neck / Glue In / Neck Through?

The first one would be easy because it woudl be simple advice and experience.  As well as the usual "contact your tech" kind of answers.  We seem to revisit this one over and over again.

And there have been more than a few threads about the bolt - on question, we could post a couple links that we could all agree on, and summarize all of our opinions.  I think we all mostly agree this subject though.

I'm not sure exactly how to go about it.  We could just have a "Neck FAQ" that talks about radius, fretwire (size /mat'l), contour etc.

A lot of this information would be available on W's site, but we'd be adding our own experience to it.

That's a start... it could be organized & ranked in useful way, I mean like:
A) General theory
B) Best diagrams
C) Pickup wire code translator
D) How to solder
E) Combining parts of diagrams


I'll do it if somebody finds a place to put it.
didn't we do this before?