Les paul 7 string...?


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I've been wanting a les paul 7 string for ages now, and I've been thinking...

What if I buy a 7 string warmoth neck, how hard would it be to modify a 6-string body to accomodate the 7 string neck? Assuming, ofcourse, that the bridge-studs arent routed yet.

What are your ideas about it :)
hmmm, i don't think it would work, you might have to get a body blank and diy. 
i think the neck would hang over the bottom of the rout (side by cutaway) unless you stager it, and do all the routing on one side.
Or I rout the neckpocket a bit to the 'shoulder'side, and have the neck sticking out a bit on the cutout side...?
I hate to go all non-Warmothian on you, but you do know that there's a Epiphone Les Paul 7-string model? It was only made for a little while, but they show up on Ebay pretty often. It would be much easier to just upgrade the pickups, tuners etc. on one of those, than to build from scratch. Unless you're crazy, in which place you're on the right forum... why oh why can't we just be happy with what pops off the wall at Guitar Center?  :help:

I like warmoth! Can't help it... I once promised myself never to have epiphone les pauls, and I still managed to get that...and I like ebony fingerboards. I dont like the rosewood on epiphones. and I want the 24 fret neck...
haha, yeah, that is obvious  :guitaristgif: well, at least for some people, haha. I might have to let this idea go, though. I have an even better plan  :evil4: transparant green les paul, with dragon-inlay on an ebony fretboard.