laminate top guiters


I have the the most stunning lenght of tiger maple. 3/4" thick by 20" wide by 55" long.  I figure I can make at least 4 and possibly moe guitars depending on how i slice the thickness.  I know a good arch top will take the whole 3/4", but lets say an SG style or an LP or Tele can be done with a considerably thinner piece of lamnate.  So my question is.  what is the best glue or adhesive to use to attach the top to the substraight?  I plan on using a vacume bag set-up i have rather than clamps, but i want to get the adhesive right.  I have gotton several different opinions on this and i thought i would just throw it out here  for discussion.  Buy the way.  I have built two guitars so far. one from all Warmoth, one from mostly warmoth. but this next one i want to try and do all the wood body work myself.  Any suggestions?  Thanks guys !!
Dude just send your wood to Warmoth and tell them to ship you back a body, with your lam top on it, or whatever.

If what you have is so good, don't screw it up.

you can thank me later
Is there a major difference between titebond and titebond II? 

And dude!  I am a machinist with a VMC available to me, so I think i can program and cut a good body.  No doubt not as good as warmoth..but probibly not all that much worse either.  no disrespect dude!

Thanks for the glue info guys