L5 S project underway


I ordered this body from the Showcase. After building a couple of Strats, I wanted a hollowbody and wanted to try my hand at staining the top with a dye as opposed to opaque tops on my Strats.  I can't tell you how many times I almost reverted back to a goldtop finish for this, my reluctance to sand the top after staining the dark brown color made me think the top wasn't figured enough to carry off a transparent dye.  I finally grew some :laughing7: and sanded the top way down, so the second application of amber could bring out the flame in the maple top.  I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results.

The pics really don't do it justice, it is actually very nice up close.  Of course, I learned a heckuva lot on what not to do, including the importance and difficulty of applying grain filler to the sides of the guitar and buffing out the finish :dontknow:

I'm still assembling the guitar, it has a mahogany neck (Warmouth headstock), ebony board, Kluson / TonePro's tuners, WCR Black Magic humbuckers, RS pots/caps, and TonePro's ToM bridge.  I've affectionately named it the Howler.
I agree about getting some better pics, but that has the potential to end up looking fantastic.