Kramer Baretta body


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This is probably never going to happen, but I'd really like to see Baretta bodies. The early ones from '83 which were almost Strat but not quite. One of the few 'slightly changed' Strat bodies that actually really looks good in my opinion...
I was looking on, and the '83 bodies look like the standard pacer and baretta styling...however, the '81 catalog bodies look much more Strat-like....never was a fan of the Pacer/Baretta body, though I did get a Voyager in '84...

oh, by a little off, i think you mean this shape?



i think that would be an excellent shape.  :toothy10:
I would honestly go ecstatic if they made these ones  :headbang1:  I would freak out so bad  :laughing7:
There's definitely something VERY cool about that shape. Like I said in my original's actually a variation on the original Strat shape which doesn't look strange but rather very interesting !
my first guitar was a 2 humbucker pacer, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish I had not traded it off.

a BIG thumb's up from me if Warmoth does that body shape....
Isn't this what your looking for? It's just a rear routed 1 pickup body


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Yeah, to me, there's not enough difference between that body style and an actual strat...  I'd just go with what Alfang is saying.  Rear routed, one hum strat body.  :dontknow:
Actually I think the Baretta body is a bit more 'twisted' than a Strat body. A Strat is more 'symmetric' if that makes any sense and the Baretta is more like, if there had been Photoshop araound in '83, as if you take a Strat body and apply some 'warp' effect.
Warp? The star trek forum is down the hall....

I have a rear routed strat body like the pic I supplied, and i just happen to have a baretta body I am working on for a friend. Back to back, I dont see much diferance at all, 

Oh there is a diference, I had to fill in the neck pocket on the baretta about a quarter of an inch to push the new warmoth neck out longer for the 25 1/2 scale length.

When you figure out what you mean by warp and or twisted, let us all know.

If you buy a Warmoth KWS neck and bolt it on the rear routed one humbucker body , painted however you like, I bet you would find your warp.
Alfang said:
Warp? The star trek forum is down the hall....
ha ha ha, so funny.  :laughing8:

no, the warp hes talking about is the top horn is slightly thinner and the tummy cut is a slightly different shape. oh, and the bottom horn is shorter.

.... hmm.... quite honestly, the best way that i can think to describe it is that its warped.

i do have to say that it is quite aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, compared to some of the other strat knockoff shapes.
I wasn't talking about time and space warping :) ! There is actually a warp function in distort pictures, make people thinner or wider, that sort of thing. If you load in a picture from a Strat body and start warping'd end up with exactly what Kataar said...tummy cut different etc...

I don't think Kramer had a Fender license back then and were probably not allowed to have a 100% Strat shape...
I'm not sure Fender holds a patent on their body shape, I heard that it was determined that that shape had been arround so long that it was public domain, But I also heard Oswald had help too, so who knows.

I've read Warmoths agreement with fender, and it's all about headstocks, not bodies. but maybe the whole agreement is not there online.